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Picture/Photo/Image Credits

Picture Credits/Copyright Pictures :

Pictures used in this website belongs to these below given Firm/Company/Authorities :

–> ( Pictures that has been used or taken from are first sorted out by searching “License free and free to reuse and modifications” and then used in this site.

–> Own created pictures/Images ( Most pictures that has been used in this job site named : are text images such as Private jobs, Govt. jobs etc. made
by Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop. Those are sole properties of )

–> Peoples republic of Bangladesh Govt. (Monogram that has been used in featured images such as Govt. Jobs – completely belongs to the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh Govt.
and free to use in any job sites in Bangladesh as job circular posting purpose.)

–> Any featured images/Pictures/Logo/Monogram that has been used in this job website under the catagory “Private jobs” – are completely belongs to those private companies/firms/institutions/organizations except those Text images which created by Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop by the

–> Any Plugins/App/Widgets and their Logo/Monogram that has been used in this jobsite named : are completely belongs to those
Plugin’s/App’s/Widget’s company/authority.

Please feel free to Email us if anyone has any question regarding this issue.

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